Who am I?
In the steampunk world, I am Lucretia Strange, the Baroness Strange. I run the Promethean Society, and do a variety of presentations at steampunk conventions.

In the real world, I am Cassie Beyer and a historian with a blog, History, Interrupted, devoted to history, steampunk, costuming, popular culture and other eclectic interests.

You can best reach me through the Promethean Society or through Cassie@AlterEgoDesign.netAlterEgo is my freelance web design endeavor focused on small businesses, individuals and organizations.


Free Tutorials and Patterns

Most of this website is built to cater to those of limited sewing knowledge. Many of these tutorials are also followable by non-sewers, but not necessarily all. All tutorials are located offsite and were not created by me. If you have questions concerning them, you'll need to address their owners.

Build Your Own Goggles - Goggles are everywhere in steampunk, but construct your own from household items and you'll have a one-of-a-kind piece.

Steampunk Gloves

Sewing Spats - Long out of fashion, spats were coverings that enclosed the ankle and the top portion of the shoe.

Bustles, Men's Shirts, and More - This tutorial is a kind of mashup of different ideas. I particularly like it for tips on how to construct a wire bustle.

Burlesque Bustle Skirt - These skirts can be worn under a longer skirt to fill it out, or it can be worn on it's own for a more daring look.

Steampunk Indestructables - A sizable collection of tutorials for goggles, guns, and crazy gadgets.

Build an Edwardian Hat in a Hour - This starts with a straw hat and adds various accessories. Follow it to the letter, or just read it for general ideas on how to create your own unique hat design.

FREE Victorian and Edwardian Patterns - These patterns are truly free, no hidden strings. However, the are based on 100-year old published patterns, which were published for a single size. As such, you will need to adjust. However, some of the patterns (such as a skirt) are simple enough for a near beginner to use.