Severe Outfit in Black and White

Explorer steampunk costumeThis image was part of a photoshoot I did, hence the rather bizarre makeup.

The Monocle

The basic monocle was purchased from Highwind Steamworx for $35. Constructing my own would be more time and trouble than what it's worth. The brass fitting comes from an old chandelier, and the blue gem comes from a package of squishy gems I got for $1.


It's not overly obvious here, but I'm wearing a long necklace composed of multiple strands of different colored chains. Jewelry like this is in fashion right now. I bought this on clearance from someplace like ShopKo or Target for about $5.

Blouse and Corset

The blouse is a Goodwill purchase from years and years ago which has gotten more use than some of my everyday blouses. It works great for anything even hinting at a Victorian setting.

The corset is a purchase from for about $120.

The Cane

This cane is really just a wooden dowel rod, an acrylic doorknob purchased at an antique hardware store, wood stain, and a rubber cane tip. The knob was $20-$30, which is still way cheaper than most decorative canes for sale.


This is my first overskirt. Nowadays I most often wear it without an underskirt when I'm feeling lazy and the location is hot.

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One of the reasons I included this outfit on this site is to underscore how much you DON'T need to know how to sew. Because this was a photoshoot, and the outfit didn't need a lot of surviving power, the white skirt isn't actually a skirt. It's just a few yards of material that was pinned in the back (under the overskirt) to hold it in place. I got to keep the material afterward, and someday I might turn it into a skirt, but at the moment it remains simply a large rectangle of cloth.