The Explorer

Explorer steampunk costumeMy costumes are generally done piece-meal. I pick one item at a time without planning out an entire outfit. This outfit was clearly planned.

The Basics

The jacket is known as a safari jacket or a bush jacket, and they are generally khaki in color, as shown here. They can be found on a variety of sites on the internet. Military surplus stores also might be a possibility. I'm guessing he bought the pants with the jacket since they appear to match. Closely fitted trousers work best for this look. The helmet is a safari helmet or pith helmet, and can be found around the Internet for $30-$40. The band around the front is standard.

The Details

This costume thrives on details. Of course, you could put together the basic costume first and continue adding pieces as you acquire them.

First, color. Because the safari jacket is, in fact, a jacket, it should have a shirt underneath. Here a black shirt was chosen to contrast with the khaki. There's also a whole lot of khaki and brass going on here, so two matching splashes of red were added. The first is a wide cravat, while the second is a sash tied at the waist.

Detail of explorer's gearHanging items from a sash isn't particularly practical, so a belt was fastened over it. The shoulder belt appears to have been added later, fastened to the waist belt by a clip.

Items included here include a compass, drinking flask, a gun, various small tools, and a pocket-watch. he also has a small cage, although I can't even begin to guess what he has captured inside it.

I'm not sure if the glasses are a costume piece or necessary for vision correction, but adding a chain to them to fasten to the jacket was another nice touch. Chain comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles and can be found at craft and hobby shops.