Steampunk Cleopatra

Explorer steampunk costumeThe vast majority of steampunk is based on Victorian aesthetics.  I include this one specifically because it steps away from that standard.


The Victorians were fascinated by ancient Egypt, which might be why this costume works so well.  I'd be a harder sell if Brittney was going for ancient Sumerian, for example.


One of the reasons this headdress works is that the clock face screams steampunk while the overall shape is ancient Egyptian.  Goddesses and queens were commonly depicted with immense headdresses perched on top of their heads.  She's also wearing Egyptian make up, with black eyeliner stretching far past her eyes.


The rest of the outfit is a similar blend of steampunk and Egyptian.  The corset is absolutely steampunk.  The scarves around her waist are very evocative of the Middle East, if not perhaps directly to Egypt.  The white gown, left simple to let other pieces capture the attention, makes sense for a highborn figure in a very hot locale.